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What Evidence Do You Need to Show Your Ceiling Collapse Lawyer?

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Being injured by a ceiling collapse is terrifying and potentially catastrophic. And an all too common occurrence given the often poorly maintained and historically neglected old residential and commercial buildings in New York City. Injuries and damages suffered from ceiling collapses have the potential to be life-long, even fatal, which is why contacting an experienced personal injury attorney is critical. You need someone on your side to fight for your rights and for the financial compensation you might be entitled to. In this article, we’re going to cover what an attorney needs to help prove your case in court. If you or someone you know has been involved in a ceiling collapse accident, contact an experienced ceiling collapse attorney in New York City right away.

Photographic proof.

One of the most important components of a ceiling collapse case is photographic evidence of the ceiling. Taking pictures of bubbling, water damage, or sagging can help your lawyer. Showing the state of the ceiling before and after the collapse is paramount in determining who is at fault for this incident and how the situation unfolded.

Your complaint(s) in writing.

Next, you’ll need documentation of your formal complaints. Track down texts or emails that indicate there was a problem with your ceiling. As we’ve discussed, it is the landlord’s responsibility to inspect, maintain, and repair vital items in your apartment. If you notified the landlord of the issue, and he or she failed to address them with urgency, this helps your case. If your landlord ignores your complaints or requests, this is even more compelling on your behalf.

Inspection report.

According to Personal Injury Lawyer, if possible, have the open ceiling inspected by a building inspector or engineer to document what the origin of the leak was and what was the cause. You must take every step possible to undercut the building’s claims that it did not know the condition existed or that it just occurred over a short period of time that did not allow them to make repairs. (these happen in low income housing typically so no one would hire anyone…. we need to either change this to the attorney hires them or leave it out)

It’s not uncommon for building owners to point the finger at the neighbor above you for careless use of toilets, sinks and baths. Get ahead of them by gathering statements from neighbors that confirm their use of water in their unit did not lead to the flooding or ceiling collapse in yours. 

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