Nicholas E. Tzaneteas

Nicholas Tzaneteas
Nicholas Tzaneteas was selected for the New York Metro 2023 Super Lawyers. See his feature on

Nicholas Tzaneteas has always been a lawyer who doesn’t back down. For twenty-five years he has not been afraid to stand up to the city; corporations; insurance companies to fight for the rights of his clients. When others may avoid cases because they are hard to prove or difficult because the opposition has big money and is representing longstanding, influential institutions, Mr. Tzaneteas has always been anxious to take up the challenge and turn over every stone to take cases to trial, at his own expense of time and money. He is a true litigator and is known to his clients as “a fighter”.

Mr. Tzaneteas has that winning combination of confidence and good preparation that has made him successful in the courtroom. In fact, in the first two years of his career, he already had tried more cases than lawyers with ten years of experience.

Attorney Tzaneteas is highly selective in the cases he takes. Mr. Tzaneteas gives these his full attention which has earned him a reputation of excellence and garnered the trust of his fellow attorneys who frequently give him their most important cases when it becomes necessary to go to trial. His verdicts and settlements have totaled hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for his clients.  He prepares every case for victory by trial.

An undergraduate of Fordham University, Mr. Tzaneteas earned his law degree from New York Law School and began practicing law in New York City after passing the bar in 1999. Mr. Tzaneteas is a member of The Brooklyn Bar Association and The New York Trial Lawyers Association. He has spent his entire career working for firms that only represented people who were hurt because of the negligence of others. Mr. Tzaneteas decided to take his years of experience and open up his own firm where he can give his clients his undivided attention.

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