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Proving Negligence in an NYC Construction Accident

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Construction accidents are often the most severe and can easily lead to permanent disability and even death. Suffering an accident on the job can be devastating, which is why you need to rely on an experienced NYC Construction Accident Lawyer to fight for you. Read on to discover the essential factors you and your attorney need to prove in order to have a negligence case after a construction accident. 

Find the cause of your accident. 

The first step is to find who and what contributed to the accident. This means determining circumstances that didn’t live up to reasonable safety standards. For example, this could be a lack of safety equipment such as goggles or hard hats, or a lack of signage or adequate training.

Investigate beyond the immediate cause of your accident.

Going hand in hand with the first point, this is equally important to your potential construction accident case. Go beyond the surface level details of the incident and determine whether there were other contributing factors that could have led to the accident. For example, does the company have thorough hiring, vetting and training processes? Do they provide the necessary safety equipment required by law? Do they maintain their equipment and vehicles appropriately and complete annual safety inspections? All of these could be contributing factors to your accident.

Gather witness testimony.

Witness and expert testimony are huge components of proving negligence cases. This is especially important should your case go to trial and the technical aspects need to be explained to a jury without construction training.

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