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How to Prove Personal Injury in a Car Accident

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Personal injury claims following an auto accident are exceedingly common and often cost insurance companies more than the damage to vehicles. Because of this, insurance companies try to argue against paying for medical bills, which increases the financial burden of the situation.
Your best bet for ensuring that you receive compensation for your injuries is to find an excellent personal injury law firm in Brooklyn. Here’s what you should do following a car accident to prove personal injury.
Don’t make a statement about injuries
Following a car accident, you’ll likely get asked regularly if you feel alright. It is best to avoid answering this question. There are many reasons you might not feel the full effects of your injuries immediately following the car accident.
Additionally, when you file your car insurance claim with the insurance company, they’ll likely ask you if you’re injured as well. Indicate that a medical professional is monitoring your injuries.
Get professional medical treatment
If you believe you’ve sustained an injury that needs medical attention, you should seek assistance from a licensed medical professional. While WebMD and other online resources offer some insights and treatments for common injuries, you cannot self-medicate and expect compensation for your injuries. Diagnosis or treatment can be called into question if you don’t seek proper professional medical attention as you should.
Document your injury
Keep every patient summary and medical bill you receive related to your injuries. This is proof that will help your case in proving your injuries. The insurance company also might try to state that your injuries were pre-existing before the accident, which medical records can prove inaccurate.
You’ll also want to document any time you miss from work due to visiting the doctor or because you aren’t physically able to work. If you can keep track of mileage to and from doctor appointments, that will also come in handy during your negotiations for compensation.
Hire a personal injury law firm in Brooklyn 
You will need to consult with a personal injury law firm in Brooklyn which is experienced in preparing cases related to auto accidents. The Law Office of Nicholas E. Tzaneteas in New York is a premier auto accident law firm serving local clients.
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