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How to Manage a Construction Site Accident

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Construction site accidents, unfortunately, are common occurrences, with workers getting injured, sometimes even fatally. New York City construction is even more dangerous due to the many construction site projects that involve scaffolding and ladders, with construction workers suffering injuries from high elevations. The following goes over the types of construction accidents that occur and how to manage a construction site accident.

Types of Construction Site Accidents

The most common types of construction site accidents include injuries to a construction worker as a result of falls (particularly in NYC where many projects involve high rises with scaffolding), being struck by falling objects, electrocution, and getting caught between two objects such as a worker becoming pinned or trapped between a piece of equipment and a wall.

According to U.S. labor statistics, about 150,000 construction accidents happen each year. Furthermore, in analyzing various statistics, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health (NYCOSHA) determined that construction-related workplace deaths made up 24% of the annual fatalities in New York. In fact, working in the construction industry is one of the most dangerous jobs in NYC.

Why Do Construction Site Accidents Happen?

Often accidents on job sites are due to negligence and are preventable if robust safety measures are in place. This includes project owners and GCs of the construction sites ensuring that the implementation and monitoring of safety and personal protection equipment (PPE) are followed. Construction crews should also go through training on up-to-date safety procedures and practices with consistent drills and courses.

In addition, construction workers should be familiar with OSHA safety rules and guidelines for job-site best practices.

Unfortunately, although safety regulations exist, too often they are disregarded by a property owner and general contractor in an effort to complete a project on time and within the established budget, sacrificing the health and welfare of construction workers.

How Should Injured Construction Workers Proceed?

First and foremost, if you are involved in a construction accident, get immediate medical attention if you have suffered severe injuries. Then, report the accident to your employer and contact New York construction accident lawyers to discuss your case. It’s important to know that although you are entitled to file a workers compensation claim for payment of medical bills, prescriptions, and lost wages up to a certain amount, in New York City, the Labor Laws also entitle you to file a personal injury lawsuit.

New York Labor Laws protect construction workers from dangerous or unsafe working conditions. In addition, injured workers can sue for certain workplace accidents caused by construction companies’ and property owners’ negligence. A construction accident lawyer will explain and assist you in properly navigating these laws.

For example, when it comes to NYC’s scaffolding law, there are requirements for scaffolds higher than 20 feet above the working surface. They must have a securely attached safety rail that runs the entire length of the supported platform. The apparatus must be secured so it does not become unstable, collapse, or tip over. General contractors who have employees working on scaffolding must also provide PPE (personal protection equipment), such as fall protection gear. Employees must be trained on general scaffold safety and proper use and maintenance of their PPE (personal protection equipment).

The law also enables injured New York City construction workers to seek compensation for any injury or death caused by a fall or an object that fell from a height. The general contractor and the property manager may be liable for the injury or death if proper precautions were not in place.

Work with an Attorney Experienced in Construction Accident Claims

Be sure to contact an experienced New York construction accident lawyer familiar with local laws, including NY Labor Laws Sections 240 and 241. The Brooklyn Law Office of Nicholas E. Tzaneteas has extensive experience in construction site injuries and construction-related accidents. We have recovered millions of dollars for our seriously injured construction work clients and we can provide you with a free consultation concerning your case to determine if you’re entitled to worker’s compensation benefits and damages from a negligent third party.

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