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How Can an Attorney Benefit You in a Slip & Fall Accident?

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Slip and fall accidents are extremely common, and when these accidents occur on someone else’s property, it can be challenging to understand the process, what information you need to file a claim, etc. Discover how an experienced slip and fall accident lawyer can benefit you. If you or a loved one experienced a slip and fall incident in New York, contact a Brooklyn Premises Liability Accident Lawyer today.

Slip and fall accidents 101.

There are plenty of locations where these accidents could occur, including hotels, shopping malls, parking lots, restaurants, or even a friend’s apartment building. Injuries can range from minor to severe, resulting in permanent physical or brain damage.

Especially during winter when ice and snow are common, there are a lot of these types of injuries if the property owners do not take care of the potentially hazardous situations. If the owners were negligent and caused your injury, you could have a case.

What role does a lawyer play in slip and fall accidents?

  • Legal advice: Most obviously, they can provide legal advice. This means evaluating the facts and determining whether you have a case and how to proceed.
  • Proving negligence: This is the most challenging part and the most crucial reason to hire an attorney. They can review the facts and gather evidence to prove the other party is at fault for your injuries.
  • Fighting for damages: Not only do damages include the obvious expenses such as medical bills and treatments, they also take into account your earning potential and lost wages you incurred due to your injury. Let an attorney help you calculate current and future damages related to your case.
  • Negotiations & representation: Ideally, this matter can be settled out of court and your attorney can help negotiate the compensation you deserve. However, if it must go to trial, your attorney would represent you in court.

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If you or a loved one has been injured while on the property of another, you need to contact a very skilled and experienced lawyer to take your case. You need a lawyer who is determined and thorough enough to investigate and collect evidence to prove negligence and get the best possible result for you. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation today.

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