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Common Injuries Suffered by Ceiling Collapse

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There is a high risk of injury and damage from a ceiling collapse. These types of incidents can be immediate or happen over time due to a combination of factors, such as termite damage and/or shoddy workmanship or leaky plumbing. However, once the ceiling collapses, the tenants and anyone in the apartment is in danger. If you or someone you know has been involved in a ceiling collapse accident, contact an experienced ceiling collapse attorney in New York City right away.

Types of injuries suffered due to a ceiling collapse:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury: When wood, plaster, beams, and support rods come falling down, people often experience traumatic head and brain injuries. The result of a head injury can often be death.
  • Broken Bones: Crushing injuries and broken bones are likely when the weight of a ceiling comes crashing down.
  • Lacerations, cuts and bruises: These injuries are the most common with ceiling collapses. Young children and babies are especially vulnerable.
  • Spinal cord injuries: If falling debris strikes the body in a certain way, the result can be spinal cord injuries, which can require months, if not years, of therapy and rehabilitation to recover.

In addition to these physical debilities,  there is also the emotional debility from iving with restricted mobility or brain trauma that often exhibits itself in anxiety or depression. There’s no telling how your body will cope and react to such a harrowing experience, which is why you need an attorney to fight for your rights. Contact an experienced attorney today to schedule a free consultation.


Any defects in the structural integrity of the building need to be addressed immediately. If you believe your landlord was negligent in inspecting or maintaining the building, which caused you personal harm and property damage, contact your personal injury lawyer. Not only is a ceiling collapse scenario stressful, but your livelihood is compromised. You don’t have to navigate this complex and overwhelming process on your own. New York tenants have rights that protect their safety. If a falling ceiling caused property damage, serious injury or a fatality, contact us so that we can help. Call today at (833) 689-3476 for a free consultation.

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