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NTZ Law Awarded for Top 3 Verdicts & Settlements in New York

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Attorney Nicholas E. Tzaneteas has long been a vocal advocate for injury victims’ rights. As one of the leading personal injury law firms in New York City, the Law Office of Nicholas E. Tzaneteas has helped thousands of people recover financial compensation for their injuries. 

His efforts have been recognized by the New York Law Journal’s (NYLJ) Top Verdicts & Settlements for 2019, a special annual edition published by NYLJ to showcase outstanding achievements in the legal profession.

Nicholas E. Tzaneteas: top three verdicts awarded 

In the 9th Annual Edition of Top Verdicts & Settlements as reported to VerdictSearch by ALM, Nicholas E. Tzaneteas was recognized for three results in the overall Top 25 Verdicts and Settlements in NYC. The three results are:

#1 in Workplace/#12 Overall – in the case against Consolidated Edison Company of New York, a police officer was injured when a manhole cover maintained by Consolidated Edison exploded under his parked patrol cruiser. The officer experienced considerable pain and disability and has been unable to work. A jury in Queens County determined that the officer’s injuries caused by the negligence of Consolidated Edison, warranted a $17,480,000.00 verdict.

#13 in Settlements (Tie) – in this case, our client received injuries to the spine, head, and limbs in an automobile accident. After negotiation with defense attorneys and insurance companies, a settlement of $4,750,000.00 was granted to the injury victim.

#17 in Settlements – in this case against Carroll Musical Instruments Rentals, LLC and Mario E. Tzul, the victim claimed that he received injuries in a minor vehicle collision between his passenger car and a truck operated by the defendant. The case was filed in Kings County. Eventually, a settlement of $3,250,000.00 was reached.

About The Law Offices of Nicholas E. Tzaneteas

For over two decades, attorney Nicholas E. Tzaneteas has provided his legal expertise and his award-winning compassion to help injury victims. Through his efforts, injured individuals and their family members have been able to recover millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. The Law Office of Nicholas E. Tzaneteas serves the five boroughs of New York City. 

The firm specializes in the representation of victims who have been injured or killed through the actions, inaction, or negligence of others. Both inside and out of the courtroom, the firm’s expert legal guidance and support has provided closure for thousands of injury victims and their loved ones. Nicholas E. Tzaneteas has been recognized by Super Lawyers and the National Trial Lawyers Association for his work.

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